Zugson - Ni Da Ke Mun Dace Official Audio


My first time going to a studio.

My first song is really terrible in every aspect, but what I believe is that with time I will improve. I'll only stay where I am if I stop singing right now without giving it another shot. 

I went to that studio without any experience related to singing. I just had a song written and I badly wanted to sing it. At that time, I didn’t care whether it would sound terrible or good. 

I just wanted to get rid of that thirst. And I did it. Now I will go to the studio and sing more songs. I will keep trying. 

While, on the other hand, I will blog songs by other artists. I don’t care. I will blog them the way I blog mine. 

You can download my first terrible song here.

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Abba Abdullahi Garba also known as Zugson is a Nigerian Upcoming Artist, Songwriter, Technology Nerd, Blogger and Writer. Also Software Engineering Student.

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