Who Am I? I am Zugson - That Boy From Africa


Hi folk do you know me? Absolutely no!

But in this page on my this blog I am going to tell you simple, direct and straight-forward details about myself. Yeah, let's dive into the fool of my personal info. Here we go:

Before I tell you anything, please recognize my country, Nigeria. I was from there, yes that village boy from Africa.

My name is Abba but Abba is also a nickname which was given to me. ABUBAKAR is my main name. So don’t be surprised. I must tell you this, I just can’t help it.

Abba Abdullahi Garba was born on 2nd February, 2001 in one of small villages of Nigeria called Zugachi which is under Gabasawa Local Government, Kano State.

I'm simple person doing simple life. And I believed that life is simple it depends on the way you take it. I’m around 6ft tall with brown skin and manly face. Yes, manly face not baby face.

I love everything tech. That’s why I used to describe myself as Technology Nerd because it’s what I’ve been learning for years privately at home and school.

I’m a Blogger by passion even though right now music and entertainment is my main niche. I'm a writer by interest and avid reader or let’s say reading addict. I love to write, read and blog. I just love doing those three things.

Here we’re: Songwriting and being an artist, I recently discovered this hidden creativity that was hidden inside me. I am an Artist, Songwriter and dummy poet poeting everywhere.

I’ve many additional hobbies ranging from journalism, engineering, history and many other topics. They’re uncountable. My best and preferred learning materials are books because I believed that knowledge is there inside books.

Don't take a look at my professional profile and think "Hey this guy Abba / Zugson is a Big Man". Ho! I want let you know I'm nobody, son of nobody, living in a world where being somebody or son of somebody really matters the most. Like any other young man I'm just doing my best and leaving the rest while waiting to see what tomorrow have in store for me.

I'm both Extrovert and Introvert. It's just mode switching. I can easily switch to shy or friendly and controvert dude. It depends on how you approach me.

You don't know me right? Don't judge me. In real life I'm friendly and polite person but I speak only when I'm included or I've something important to say, otherwise I can pretend like I'm that shy dude. Then life goes on.

I don't publish neither my whole personal life issues nor it’s developments or some of it's setbacks on social media. I'm using all those technology related gadgets and platforms with caution.

That’s it.
What is not included will be added next time.
Now, thanks for reading my about page.
Abba Abdullahi Garba

Abba Abdullahi Garba, also known as Zugson, is a Nigerian upcoming artist and songwriter, tech bro, part-time blogger, and writer. He is the writer of his own songs as well as his own story.

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