How to Create Free Custom Email Address For Your Domain Using Cloudflare

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In this blog post we will be discussing on how to create a custom email address (like: [email protected]) for our domain without the need to buy hosting or subscribe to Google Workplace. 

Right now, with the help of Cloudflare’s latest feature called email routing, or let’s address it as email forwarding.   

Because I want to write this post, that’s why yesterday I devoted some hours to writing a complete step-by-step guide on how to setup and configure Cloudflare on Blogger and any other kind of site.

Recently, Cloudflare rolled out a new and awesome feature called email routing. This feature allows site owners to create custom email addresses for their domains. 

All emails sent to their custom email address will be automatically routed to their private, or let’s address it as a personal email address.

So, really, there’s no need to buy a hosting package because you need a custom and professional email address. 

At first, I thought of writing this post exclusively for blogger users who are not ready to spend some funds to buy hosting or do Google workspace’s monthly subscription to get a professional email address.

With the help of Cloudflare email routing, you may be able to create safe and secure custom email addresses for your domain.  

If you want to create email for DMCA, guestpost, contact, jobs, sales, support, and others, then Cloudflare has got your back.

If you are a Cloudflare registered user, you may be able to use this new email forwarding or routing feature.

While configuring this email routing on your domain, Cloudflare will automatically add new mx records to your existing domain’s DNS records for this email routing to work smoothly.

Why Use Email Routing?

Because email routing is the simplest solution for creating custom email addresses for all your domains (not just a single domain), without the hassle of managing multiple mailboxes.

I personally hate the idea of managing multiple mailboxes. It’s really stressful. But with the help of email routing, everything will be easy and simple.

How to Setup Cloudflare’s Email Routing 

Step 1: Login to your Cloudflare dashboard and open the menu zone by selecting the domain you want to setup email routing on.

Step 2: Mobile users should click on the "navigation menu" located at the top-left of the screen, then click on "Email (Beta)" as shown below. PC users should take a look at the left hand-side of their screen and click on Email (Beta) too. 

Step 3: You’ll be brought to the email routing overview page. Click on "Routes", then scroll down and click on the blue "Add Destination Address" button.

Step 4: The destination email address box will appear. Enter your personal email address and click on the blue "Save" button.  

Cloudflare will send a confirmation email to the personal email address that you’ve provided. Check your email and confirm it. 

Step 5: Scroll up and click on the blue "Create Address" button. Enter your custom address. Select your personal email address, set action as "Send to", then click on the blue "Save" button to save your changes.


Now you’ve successfully setup Cloudflare’s free email forwarding. Create as many custom email addresses as you wish. Use them to make your site look professional, just like you, even if you’re not. 

Wrap Up 

Hey, buds. I hope you enjoy reading this simple, short, and straight-forward tutorial on creating custom email addresses for your domain with the help of Cloudflare’s email routing or forwarding feature. 

I would like to hear from you. What do you think about this post? 

Is it helpful or informative? 

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Abba Abdullahi Garba

Abba Abdullahi Garba, AKA Zugson, is a Nigerian upcoming artist and songwriter, tech bro, part-time blogger, and writer.

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