Haa! This is What I Sent to Google Adsense After They Unapproved my Site

Dear Adsense Review Team:

I applied with my blog, domainname.com.ng, but it was said that I have content policies, but this is an entertainment blog. Everything was written by me; songs are Hausa-based; I and my team are on the verge of promoting Hausa modern music to the world, and we seriously need an alternative way to pay for this site's hosting.

Your automated review system rejects my site, but I am sure I’ve followed almost every method and procedure to make sure my site is 100% clean, safe to use, easy to use, navigational, and that every page and term needed are there.

I don’t know if the problem is that I am mixing two languages in my blog posts, but they’re necessary because now our audiences are mostly local.

Hausa is a rich language with over 120 million speakers. That’s why I decided to mix things up.

Please review my site thoroughly and approve it if it qualifies for approval.


Thank you.


Abba Abdullahi Garba

Abba Abdullahi Garba, also known as Zugson, is a Nigerian upcoming artist and songwriter, tech bro, part-time blogger, and writer. He is the writer of his own songs as well as his own story.

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